Design: Ester Bianchi
Photographer: Claudia Bellotti
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cadesio
Product Launch Location: Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: outside 100% recyclable paper fibers, inside compostable and made out of vegetable fibers, entirely plastic and aluminum-free.
Printing Process: Digital printing

Cadesio is a swiss company with a very specific social purpose: to spread a message of hope and push others to change things through chocolate.

“Ca” stands for cacao and for cambiamento (Italian words for cocoa and change), “desio” poetically means desire. The desire of chocolate, but also desire to change our society. Nine chocolates, nine unique flavors, nine stories, nine foundations, one community.

Inspired by this specific statement, I curated the entire brand identity designing the logo as well as producing nine artworks for each chocolate packaging. The logo represents a futuristic cocoa bean drawn around a delta, the emblem for change.

Hanami, Nadi, Mudita, Core, Mesa, Iride, Ventu, Gea, Santiago: every chocolate artwork has been designed with different techniques such as acrylic paint, watercolor, pencil and scans of real elements, then digitally assembled. The aim is to convey their taste and message at first sight.

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