Agency: Ohmybrand
Location: Russia
Client: GreenWise
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Plant-based meat alternatives

Despite the fact that more and more people get conscious about their diet and make choices in favor of healthy foods, we can’t say that in our stores there is an abundance of innovative products that meet the high requirements of modern customers. The new GreenWise brand has embarked on a mission to change the world of nutrition.

The founders and ideologists of the project are enthusiasts of healthy nutrition. Using "green" technologies developed by them, the GreenWise brand creates jerky, strips and much more from environmentally friendly textured plant protein with fiber structure. These products have the texture and taste of meat, so they can easily replace it in the diet of people who for one reason or another decided to say no to animal protein.

Now the company produces jerky (dried "meat") and strips (sold in dry form, after soaking they acquire the fiber structure of meat, so you can cook a full second course). The plan is to expand the range and to produce ham, ready-to-eat meals and more. The company extends beyond Russia – according to American Forbes, it is one of the most promising food startups in the world.

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