Agency: Horse
Location: UK
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Beer

Horse designs branding and packaging for world's most sustainable brewery

Design studio Horse has created the brand identity and packaging for Good Things Brewing, a new Sussex based company with a goal to build the world's most sustainable brewery. Which means a target to be completely energy-efficient, off-grid with everything recycled and reused from water to grain.

"The way beer is brewed is really inefficient. And in the UK, we brew a lot of beer. A lot. Raw ingredients are shipped in from all over the world, leftover grain is recycled inefficiently and huge amounts of energy and water are wasted. Our planet simply can’t sustain it” comments Sam Robinson, founder and creative lead at Good Things Brewing Co.

Robinson, photographer, was inspired to create the brand after learning about the environmental impact of the beer-making process and the lack of public knowledge of this outside of the brewing industry.

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