Designer: Shar Biggers
Project Type: Concept
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Packaging Materials: Pigeon Feathers, Leather Paper, Suede Corset String

The Alexander McQueen Home Line packaging includes a plate set, a table runner and a candle. And like McQueen's runway shows, there is a strong message behind the art. A story telling of what matters the most to this designer and that is the theatrical show. One thing about McQueen is he saw life cinematically, and I wanted to capture that. The home line is a presentation piece of his work and it is art that buyers can keep. Sure, a little abstract, as so was he.

More importantly what I sincerely wanted to get across was the overarching theme as well as the ultimate objective behind McQueen’s work which was the grotesque. He believed that there is always beauty in what society perceives as ugly. McQueen often used nature as his influence and I wanted to keep that going. So I took what society considers ugly and made it beautiful, as he was so good at doing. In the home line I used pigeon feathers and dyed them black. Pigeon’s are considered the original rats with wings because of their scavenger nature.

However, pigeons are in actuality brave, strong, and very intelligent creatures. They also symbolize peace, gentleness and love in Greek mythology. This collection is meant to motivate the viewer to rethink the concept of beauty. Re-examine your opinions, prejudices and mindset, then comeback and look at it with a fresh perspective.

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