Studio: Chris Trivizas
Creative Director: Chris Trivizas
Brand Naming: Della Zagkouroglou
Text Editor: Sissy Caravia
Font: Parachute
Label Print: Label Press
Ribbon Paper: Perrakis Papers
Ribbon Print: Kontorousis Bros.
Photography: Math Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cookoovaya® Wise Cuisine
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Material: Glass

The name was chosen based primarily on the identification of the owl with knowledge and wisdom, aiming to show the deep knowledge of its chefs and their gastronomic "wisdom". On a second level, the name connects the owl –whose vision is excellent both during the day and the night- with eating out in a restaurant, something that can be done noon or evening.

The symbol of the logo was inspired by the eyes of an owl, designed in a way resembling the cooking hotplates of a professional kitchen. For the logo, the chosen typography has clean, simple lines and capital letters that equal the thickness of the logo symbol, in order to express the restaurant’s validity and professionalism.

The winery of the Gkirlemi family is located in Prosilia, at the village of Polydendri, in Domokos. In the 350 acre vineyard, 12 Greek and foreign varieties are cultivated with love and respect for the environment.

Four labels were designed (Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Rosé Syrah & Red Merlot). The inspiration came from the letters of the words of every variety, in order to visually differentiate each label as well as to create a unified identity for these and the labels that will follow.

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