Agency: Xcentric Design
Designer: Miša Mladenović
Country: Serbia

“Pasha” is a new brand from “Kraft Logistic” Macedonia.

Designer Misa Mladenovic is a creator of visual identity and package of this new brand. He designed and illustrated the logo, the character of Pasha, hedonist, experienced man with kind gaze, lovable to all generations, after whom the package will be recognized on shelves and who will secure easy navigation throughout the whole spectrum of products of this kind.

Designer Misa Mladenovic with this logo is the 1st prize winner in CorelDRAW International Design Contest 2013. in Advertising/Speciality Graphic category.

The packaging itself was designed as dynamic, live, packaging of better products, with classical approach of presentation of the freshness.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery