Designer: Sasha Netchaev
Project Type: Concept
Location: Orange, CA, USA
Packaging Material: Textured Gold Label

Shakti is a functional beverage company that started in Newport Beach, CA that currently produces and sells 4 flavors of cold-pressed juices in all Mother's Market locations in Orange County and other speciality health stores. They are a glass-bottled, proponent of no HPP, pure health-conscious beverage company that focuses on incorporating anti-oxidant fighting nutrients and really joining and supporting the raw food movement.

Shakti literally means energy, power, movement, and change, and it is deeply intertwined with the 7 chakra energy channels. I wanted to really use this to our advantage and bring Shakti to its roots and utilize the colors and patterns associated with Hindu culture to differentiate our brand amongst our many competitors.

Target Market: wealthy 18-30 year old men and women who care about their health, but also maintain a very social lifestyle and seek adventure.

I really focused on the deconstructed chakra patterns on this design and wanted them to act as textures that bled off the label to bring in a sense of movement and dynamism. I had fun with the neon green "earthy" names and contrasted them off of a deep, gold textured background in order to stand out on the shelf among competitors and really grasp the electric energy that these juices provide.

If we went along with this concept, I would either use the bottle cap labels as different chakra symbols or change out the pattern design next to our logomark to indicate the different juice flavors.

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