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Aleksander Nielsen Paint Collection (Student Project)

Designed by Josh White
Country: United States
Additional Credits: Catalogue and Web photography used with permission, thanks to Pekka and Minna at The Olive Green Window interior design blog.

Aleksander Nielsen, having moved from Denmark to the Bay Area, applies knowledge of interior architecture design to plan harmonious spaces, successfully blending Danish functionalism with San Franciscan allure.

Danish design focuses on modular relationships, space expanded from the square, interrupted by the circle, and complemented by the triangle in way of pattern. We see this as a motif in the work of Nielsen and so such was reflected in the implementation of the studio’s paint collection.

Each product operates within the same grid system, allowing for elements to be arranged in unexpected combinations within a cohesive set of constraints. This system was lent across the collection with medium-dependant variation. Ideabook viewable in full on project page of website.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery http://ift.tt/1ajcRDF

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