Creative Agency: Cocha & Bepeck
3D visualization — Massimo Brugnera
Designer: Klemenkov Andrey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SA Group
Location: Tomsk, Russia

There's a line of milk and dairy product called "MOOLOKO" ("MOO" + "Moloko" which means milk" in Russian). The best way to show a cow is to to put fingers at your head and say "MOO", so i've decided to use these folds in the package to represent horns and put "MOO" in a shape of cow's nose. In production as of December 2014.

The new brand of dairy products is to be introduced in Tomsk, a city in Siberia, Russia, home of Tomsk State university and students' capital. The brand is marketed as mid-premium, and targeted to young and hip audience.

The name came from the client, they've decided to come up with 'МУЛОКО' ('MOOLOKO'), which stands for Russian word for milk 'МОЛОКО' ('MOLOKO'), but the first syllable was changed to 'МУ' ('MOO').

I've decided to use both specifics of the package which was predefined by the client, and also to work with the naming. So, the whole pack represents the cow's head, flaps turn into ears/horns when opened, and the black nose contains the big 'MOO' in it. At the very end, when you open your pack to enjoy your milk — the cow metaphorically moves it's ears and says 'MOO!'

I have chosen monochrome to keep it simple and focused, and also to provide space for possible line extensions — for sour milk, cottage, ryazhenka etc, to be used in different colours. So thus we help consumer to differentiate between different products within one line!


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