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Bilingual Vodka

Designer: Shania
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
Location: Menomonie, US
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, pearl paper, label paper, paint
Printing Process: Digital printing

Creating a bilingual alcohol packaging, bringing something unique and inspired to Russian vodka while still retaining the history of the drink and the culture. The design created evokes the nature the ingredients are traced to, while the logo combines the ingredients before dissolution. This vodka is trying to get away from the consumerist mass production of drinks and get in touch with the old process and experimenting with exotic yet local flavors. The bottle chose was chosen to mimic the angular nature of the designs and imagery, while displaying the most of the product, the consumers would be able to see the clear and clean vodka while the image reflects off the angles.

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