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Vinos Que Se Cuentan

Creative Agency: Nacho Evangelisti / Graphic Design Studio
Copywriter: Pablo Vizcaino
Illustrator: Matías Varela
Art Director: Nacho Evangelisti
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Paraje Finca La Hoya
Location: Alicante, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle and Paper
Printing Process: Offset stamping

From a very unique place called Paraje Finca la Hoya, very unique products are shared with the whole world. Products that are born, grow and live in a unique environment with great environmental value.

In this case we talk about their wines Besos de lobo (Garnacha) and Palos de viento (Monastrell), two unique wines that have many things to tell: stories, stories and, above all, "passages". Thus, our challenge was to create the image for a particular labeling project, which tells stories, experiences and memories.

As a starting point we created the concept "wines that are counted", an idea rooted in a very special story book that was part of the winemaker family from the nocturnal readings with the children of the house: TRAS, TRAS, CUCUTRAS by Juan Clemente .

A fascinating book full of poetry and illustrations that awaken the imagination of young and old.

Singularity shapes our identity, which is why we should breathe in all facets of the project: verbal expression, layout, graphic representation, etc. For this reason, we proposed to create our own stories, unique and unique, called PASSAGES OF THE PLACE.

These passages tell stories, legends, adventures and misadventures, born of the name of the wines -in this case, KISSES OF WOLF and WAVES OF WIND- and the place that gives them life. But not everything is counted on words. The imagination flies and complements the stories through a poetic and evocative visual expression. The collage, which allowed us to play with different materials, suggestive shapes and textures, translates us singularly to a universe of our own. The reading of the passage and the interpretation of the image become a perfect vehicle to count.

Because what counts is counting. And at Finca La Hoya we have wines that count and count.

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