Designed by CARTILS
Country: The Netherlands

On a path next to the well-known Vecht river in Breukelen, The Netherlands, lies a beautiful domain where the fruit orchards have been personally kept by the Schulp family since 1861.Five generations of family business have ensured that the quality of the Schulp juices is regarded as one of the very best. A juice of this unique quality, naturally needs to be branded on a similar high level. Coincidentally, just across from the local lakes, CARTILS, one of the world’s renowned experts in branding & packaging design is located with their global headquarters.

CARTILS created the new bottle shape and label design for Schulp. Considering that the Schulp fruit juice is well-known for its overall passion for fruit as well as its artisan local production, the new packaging needed to reflect these product promises.

The challenge was to create a unique and successful bottle shape. The branding needed to attain a premium positioning without losing the natural feeling or authenticity. The organic shapes of the neck and wide opening ensure the brand to be accessible and pure, while the solid foot of the bottle accentuates the solid and reliable character of the brand.

The label contains organic elements and has a subtle, natural texture in the background. The balanced and symmetrical layout that allows more logo standout, accentuates the high quality of the Schulp fruit juices.

The new design has been introduced at the Horecava trade fair in Amsterdam (13-16th of January 2014).

Alber Schulp; “ For us it was clear that CARTILS, just like Schulp, is a company where people love what they do. This passion is central to their way of working, due to which the results speak for themselves. We are very happy with the new bottle, and expect it will be received well in the market.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery