Creative Agency: Fabula Design Studio
Graphic Designer: Nina Romić
Copy Writer & Photographer: Nina Romić
Creative Director: Filip Cvitić
Project Type: Concept
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Beer, Helium
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Why on the market wouldn't exist beer with helium. It is tasty and very fuuuuuun!!!! You really have to try Heli Yeah! especially beacuse this is the first time that this kind of beer is available in Croatia.

For all of you that want to taste quality beer with originally flavour + If you want to have a laugh and wish for fun here is HELI YEAH!

Heli Yeah is ale drinkable beer with light and bright flavour from Fabula Craft brewery. It is very refreshing and contains a different species of hop such as Cascade, Columbus, Mosaic and Simcoe which gives the beer floral, citrus and tropical note. This ale beer with his very sweet bitterness and interesting aromas will perfectly lead you to the world of crafts beers, and helium will give you incredible and unimaginable fun and joy.

We thought of all of you looking for good, quality beer with helium, so we placed the plug on the bottle, which prevents the helium evaporation and the absence of fun! HELI YEAH!

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