Creative Agency: Brandimage Shanghai
Managing Director: Gary Yip
Art Director: Jacky Kang
Account Manager: Aaron Song
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Watsons
Location: South East Asia
Packaging Contents: Shampoo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle

A floral pattern was created in order to communicate with the Muslim market in South East Asia. Emphasising art & culture, it needed to reinforce sophistication, while elevating beauty as an aspiration. We need a family of design with a clear and strong product identity.

To cater to this market, Watsons developed a new range of Botanic haircare products with dedicated ingredients extracts from nature. The design task is filled with multiple challenges— at a single glance, the packaging has to strike a delicate balance between culture, naturalness, beauty and sophistication.

Our solution maximises impact with uniquely ownable visual elements. To convey natural beauty, the team has created hand-crafted illustrations with dedicated details of dots, drops and lines for the association of oil and floral extracts. The minimal center panel is framed to focus the eye on the product information. The white background with plenty of room to breathe along with the colours elevate the product with an aspirational touch to reinforce the sense of culture and sophistication.

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