Designed by Pierini Partners
Country: Argentina

Pierini Partners refreshes the image of Brahma Paraguay!

With innovative details but with the same young spirit, the new Brahma has make it´s appearance in the Paraguayan market. The renovation has been carried out by Pierini Partners and has covered both varieties, the Rubia and the refreshing lightly “Zubcero”, which function as a well defined visual system in which colors play a leading reole.

Although it´s composition structures keep their balance and clarity of the original reading, Pierini has intervened in the layout styling forms, incorporating modern fonts and a big dose of silver, which manages to transmit in a effective way the message of freshness and innovation of the brand.

Adrián Pierini, creative director of the studio, said in relation to this release: “Brahma is a young brand essentially and always seeks to interpret the mind of it´s consumers. This principle underlies the chromatic color palette, in the choice of the reference beer image and it´s mode of intervention, in the volumetry of the logo and the complementary threads tha give splendor ot it.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery