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‘Anama Vintage 2010

Agency: The ‘Anama Concept
Designer: Kristina Apostolou Mohianakis and Kristina Apostolou
Country: Cyprus

ʽThe ʽAnama Conceptʼ is the result of an inspiring partnership between Oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis & Jewellery Designer Kristina Apostolou. Together, both artists aspire to produce a refined & contemporary Authentic Cypriot product.

‘Anama Vintage 2010 – a limited composition of 1.881 numbered bottles. This naturally sweet wine made of sun-dried grapes has an ageing potential of over 40 years in the bottle and is a project reflected by a dual character: A traditional product, refined in its contemporary form, combines the local country culture with international luxury. Inspired & designed to mirror the uniqueness of the bottled harvest, each bottle is hand-crafted using natural, precious & locally produced materials: Cypriot oak with a copper detail placed at 10 o’clock to signify the 2010 Vintage, silk thread wrapped around the neck of the bottle and natural beeswax for sealing the cork. Every bottle’s individual number is hand-hammered on a sterling-silver disk and applied to the back label, completing the annually re-designed collectible profile.

A unique blend of oenological knoweledge & creative expression, inspired by the balance between wine & design. A contemporary wine concept based on the foundations of
Cyprus’s 5000-year-old winemaking tradition.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery http://ift.tt/KRru7J

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