Designed by Bergman Associates Mpakt
Designer: Robert Bergman
Client: L’Oreal
Country: United States

Bergman Associates designs the new look for L’Oréal’s Redken.

The L’Oréal Group is launching a new look for Redken… sophisticated, gloss black and color-coded. The new range of 26 products launches in stores and salons worldwide beginning this month. Bergman Associates Mpakt designed the line for L’Oréal and featured in the launch are the first three products premiering in a new interlocking jar, custom-designed for L’Oréal. The new jar proposed and created by Robert Bergman, founder of Bergman Associates Mpakt was inspired by the unique technology of Redken’s hair styling products which are especially formulated to be used together in sets of two and three—mixed and ‘layered’ to achieve infinite hairstyles and textures. Taking that concept in consideration of the design, Bergman created a way to keep the products ‘interlocked’ together. To Bergman, “it was the perfect solution for styling products that are intended to be customized— a way of locking them together.” The redesign moves the product line from the brand’s historical silver packs to a new black pack color and uses metal foil typography to color-code a navigational system for the 8 texture and style categories within the range. The new design also features both product names and category colors very prominently— a decision based on consumer research in salons and stores that concluded that customers remembered and used the names as well as numbers in ‘shopping’ and navigating the products. The numbers represent the “hold factor” of each unique product — more specifically, the amount of style-fixing ingredients in each product based on Redken‘s range of hold-factor from 1 to 30.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery