Designer: Valeria Stroukova
School: OCAD University
Country: Canada

In the era of globalization it is crucial to address cultural equality, especially in everyday consumer products. Through thorough research and market analysis in the first-aid category the gap was found in bandage products. Global bandage brands offer high variety / innovation in their products, but neither of them addresses multicultural consumers and differences in their skin tones. This project missions as an inspiration and encouragement for cultural equality.

Taking a global brand and a leader in the first-aid category — Band-Aid Brand and creating a product line extension Band-Aid Tanned to address multiculturalism of its consumers is the essence of this project. Inspired by face foundation products that offer variety of shades to match various skin tones, Band-Aid Tanned aims to hide the injury instead of drawing attention to it.

New distinctive packaging provides an opportunity for Band-Aid Tanned to stand out among other bandage products and competitor brands. New cylindrical shape is ergonomic, uses minimal packaging material and clearly identifies the content inside — actual sizes, shade, and variety of bandages.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery