Agency: Kaleidoscope
Designers: Allison Skibicki, Brian Bjelovuk, Bryan Shova
Client: Kaleidoscope
Country: United States

The Kaleidoscope team challenged itself to design a unique gift for the 2013 holidays. We knew that we wanted a structure to house a bottle of select wine while allowing for a memorable unveiling process. At the same time we were developing the gift, our studio was nearing the end of a complete redesign. So the team created a theme: “New Beginnings.” Wood from our old space was utilized and recycled to create beautiful wooden coasters in our very own internal model shop. The inner panels of the package structure were used to convey a special message and illustrate the history of Kaleidoscope. It documents our company’s journey from inception to what it is today.

The inner contents read:
“This coaster represents a piece of our old studio – a place where designers, visionaries, thought leaders, artists, craftsman, and magic makers came together. Ingrained within these wood fibers are memories of partnerships, friendships and ideas that spurred the growth of some amazing brands. And although our studio has been transformed to inspire the next generation of ideas, the memories live on as a gift to you. May the next 20 years in our new studio be as good as the last. Here’s to making new memories in 2014.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery