Country: Ukraine

The last day of January will be the first day of the Oriental New Year. Traditions have been mixed up in Ukraine when celebrating New Year and Christmas: people are expecting Slavic “Ded Moroz” (Grandfather Frost), Christian’s St. Nicolas and Oriental Horse. And certainly they are expecting gifts: symbolic and ingenious, pleasant and useful.

The year 2014 was preparing to meet a Blue Wooden Horse. Obviously, herds of all kinds will fly from the corporate presents. But branding is a combination of obvious and incredible, expected and unexpected. Therefore, we in POLARIS decided to present our partners with a Non-Blue Non-Wooden Non-Horse. And we presented sausages packed in a blue wooden chest.

Two natural dry sausages, like two wings (left one and right one), were packed with love, first in a wooden wrapping (serving as a cutting board too), and then in a chest made of natural wood. Our corporate blue color on the packaging habitually matches the winter night sky and New Year color trend. The Horse turned into a winged Pegasus – a constant source of inspiration. So we decided to share the creative power contained in Pegasus Wings (of which the sausages are made) with our partners.

And what the clients did? They ate them – and flew into the new 2014 with new powers, plans and hopes.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery