Designer: Arthur Lebsack
Project Type: Student Project
School: British Higher School of Art and Design
Location: Moscow, Russia

Instant cereals for office workers.
Instant cereals are mostly purchased by working women in the age from 25 to 55. Oatmeal is a low-calorie product that is why it is often found in food ration of a young woman keeping to a diet. Interviewing young women, who buy instant cereals to eat at their work place, helped drawing a profile of target audience and finding interesting facts, based on which a concept of packing was developed.

Target audience profile: Married women, 27-30 years old, with kids. They work in all-women groups typically. Average salary level. They spend most of their time sitting at a computer, which is why they weigh a little more than they should.

Target audience problems:
They do not have enough time for themselves.
They work, then rush to bring a kid home from a kindergarten, then cook dinner, clean rooms, etc.
They have no opportunity to work out in fitness clubs, but they have a way out – a diet.

Packing as an outfit is a metaphor of a project. The idea to create a packing consisting of a number of portion packages in a form of dresses was born after the interviews with the target audience. One of the consumers of instant cereals said, “I’ll stick to a diet until my crimson dress fits me.” This phrase became a foundation of the concept. That is how “crimson dress”, “peach dress”, “cherry dress” and other cereals appeared.

«Diet Set» cereal is distinguished as a product for slimming through a peculiar form of a package with a waistline. The package is made of thin plastic. Such material allows clean and bright printing, which is critical for this design implementation.

Package concept was created during studying in British Higher School of Art & Design.

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