Design: ECH Creative Agency
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tet gifts box, Souvenir
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton Paper, FSC-certified Paper, glass bottle
Printing Process: Laser cutting

Vietnamese people often say: “Lòng vòng lại tới Tết” which means “in the bustle of daily life, Tet comes in the blink of an eye”. “Lòng vòng” is also used to describe the action of making a circuit of something. Imagine it like a chain of circles.

Muddling through much, we decide to name this Lunar New Year 2021’s gift set as “Tết Lòng Vòng”.

Not only inspired by the closeness of Tet, "Lòng Vòng" is also the significant feature of this Tet gift box. These small, beautiful boxes are both designed to protect the gifts inside, and recyclable put into various usages.

And voilà, now it's your turn! Let yourself unwrap the surprises, the excitements from “Tết Lòng Vòng” gift sets.

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