Country: The Netherlands
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CARTILS creates new design for Blenders Pride; Pernod Ricard India

After the latest packaging update in 2010 and the more recent introduction of the Blenders Pride Barrel select, also developed by CARTILS, Pernod Ricard India renew its trust in CARTILS to refresh the Blenders Pride Rare Premium whisky.

The key objectives were to harmonize the family range, while reinforcing brand impact and building even more on its stylish premium look and feel.

After the introduction of the “Barrel Select”, the ”Rare Premium” position needed to be brought in line with the newly added member of the Blenders Pride family.
CARTILS was assigned to look into the labels and the monocarton in order to add modernity, elegance, and an increased premium feeling without compromising its winning visual equities. In fact, the main colour scheme was kept in place and a richer feeling was explored.

The two labels, Barrel Select and Rare Premium, were connected to each other to create a more exclusive proposition and to differentiate from the “Reserve collection“ in order to gain distinction and avoid cannibalization.

The size of the labels were adjusted in order to bring more balance and harmony, while at the same time increasing the premiumness by reducing the main label in size.

In addition to that, CARTILS kept focusing on building a more quality oriented look and feel by the use of gold on the bottom label, as well as the addition of a Seagram’s stamp as an endorser.

Particular attention was given to the logo; the typography aligned with the new improved design of “Barrel select”.

In a market where monocartons make a difference when it comes to visual impact and brand recognition, CARTILS focused on “Creating a premium feeling in order to catch attention from the consumers without shouting too much.” commented Alfonso Granati, Brand Consultant at CARTILS.

The “ribbon” theme is taken from the fashion territory, which Blenders Pride owns. It sits without over-shouting in the front, linking back to the brand family and in combination with the Seagram’s endorsement, they strongly endorse the feeling of quality while reassuring consumers about its well-known heritage.

The final result has been very well accepted by the consumers and recently rolled out around the whole country.

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