Agency: Reverse Innovation
Creative direction: Alice Tacconi
Art direcion: Luca Mazzoleni
Illustrations: Valerio Tizzi
Client: Nestlé
Country: Italy

The delightful world of farmyard animals is at the heart of the new look packaging of Mio Creamy Yogurts for children. Mio is an historic Italian Nestlé brand, and leader in this
market segment (children aged 1– 3 years).

The introduction of a playful and educational element into the range was carefully guided by REVERSE Innovation in order to appeal to the target group and does so by means of a fun and engaging graphic style. Moreover, the design successfully retains the core values of the original brand – integrity, naturalness and quality – which is reassuring to

Individual tubs are now colourfully illustrated with a variety of different animals, each accompanied by their distinctive sound.

The resulting brand image has strengthened impact on-shelf and is considerably differentiated from competitors.

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