Agency: JDO
Country: United Kingdom

JDO redesigns Imsdal Aktiv through Carlsberg owned Ringnes

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Ringnes, the Carlsberg owned drinks business in Norway, to re-launch its Imsdal Aktiv brand. Imsdal is Norway’s leading bottled still water brand. It extended its water portfolio in 2007 to include Imsdal Aktiv, a sports water, which has the same active ingredients as the market leading sports drinks but is a healthy alternative that has no artificial additives, a key factor for Norwegian consumers.

JDO were tasked with redesigning the performance sub-brand and making it more dynamic whilst maintaining a cohesive ‘look and feel’ with the core Imsdal brand. The new design positions Imsdal Aktiv as a technical water without being artificial and creates a point of difference from the core and flavoured ranges.

The range comprises two colour-coded flavour variants of apple and citrus. A graphic pulse device in the background of the label introduces a technicality to the design, whilst the V of Aktiv resembles a tick, acting as a positive endorsement. The lettering has been refined and is now less angular and appears less austere. The logo type has been designed to work off pack as well as on pack so the sub brand can appear on merchandise, etc

Fiona Florence, JDO client services director says, “Having worked with Ringnes on their beer and soft drinks brands, it was great to continue the relationship into waters and performance sports drinks. Imsdal Aktiv is interesting in that it combines purity with performance, a unique positioning in this category.”

Aleksander Hetland, brand manager at Ringnes and former world champion swimmer, commented, “JDO’s new designs for Imsdal Aktiv have helped change consumers’ perception of the brand. They now see it as a high performance sports drink in its own right rather than just another Imsdal flavour variant.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery