Agency: Raimon Creative Solutions
Creative Director: Reza Abbasi
Design Director: Reza Abbasi
Graphic Designer: Malihe Haghmoradkhan
Account Director: Hoda Golzadeh
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Client: Vitamol
Product Launch Location: Iran
Packaging Contents: Hair dye
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Aluminium

Vitamol™ brand is one of the most experienced brands in the industry that needed to reconstruct its visual image in the minds of the audience. This brand with a satisfactory history by producing a variety of hair care products and other cosmetic products has a good share of the Iranian market.

Vitamol™ have a wide audience in the beauty market of Iran and to some extent the Middle East region, but in general, women (16 to 65) are the main audience of this brand. Vitamol™ is mostly sold in the Iranian market and have active sales representatives in almost all provinces. These products are also available to customers both offline and online.

At The Raimon Creative Solutions, Based on client briefs we started the rebranding project by brainstorming the brand personality and positioning. After consecutive meetings with the sales team, we were informed of the customer's need for these changes, and then we were informed of the opinions of consumers and sellers through surveys. In the first step, brand strategies were drafted and then we reached the visualization of communication strategies. In this project, we went from designing the logo to compiling the brand tagline and then designing the packaging guidelines.

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