Designer: Nils R.Zimmermann & Stefan Mückner
Client: Bremer Feinkost GmbH
Illustration: Andreas Klammt
Country: Germany

The story of Linvard Bo Lapp and his traveling companion Ephraim Fao is one of discovery.

Scouring the globe to unearth the sweetest delicacies of far-away countries that they can then use for one of their delicious creations.

It’s on those travels where they find the inspiration and ingredients for their unique concoctions.

This is reflected within the new packaging creative for their syrup range: designed and illustrated to look like different stamps, the visuals show snapshots of those travels and discoveries – just like the Lapp & Fao syrups, each one a delicious souvenir in a bottle.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery