Designer: Kinga Offert
Country: Poland

OFFERT is a collection of hand-printed apparel and illustrations. The label was founded with a desire to create unique, thoughtful and tongue-in-cheek products people would treasure and connect with.

Kinga Offert is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poznań, Poland. Feeling somewhat limited by the digital medium she was working with, she learned the art of screen printing and found the process rewarding on many levels. Her passion led her to start up her own, constantly evolving label and accompanying shop last year.

The combination of artisan production technique, modern graphic design and playful approach became the hallmark of her work. Not minding to get her hands dirty in order to find the satisfying solution, going through many attempts before she actually gets it right, Kinga focuses on high quality and originality of all products. Each piece is hand made individually from start to finish (drawing, sewing, printing…), with care and attention given to every stage from conception to packaging.

The traditional screen printing technique involves a lot of labor, patience and time. So much thought and care put into the process makes the final product look and feel like a gift. Its character (due to the nature of screenprinting, each print is slightly different) is unmatched by mass produced alternatives. All products are like a piece of art, come in limited editions and are numbered. These are bold pieces not to be seen anywhere else!

Always thinking of new ideas, this year Kinga hopes to develop the range further and add a few new products, e.g. fullskirts. Head on over to to check out all of the designs.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery