Designed by Pentagram
Country: United Kingdom / United States

Founded by Thomas Lommel, an extraordinary man who was once a German army athlete and now speaks with olive trees, Oliveda is a cosmetics company that uses age-old mediterranean recipes to offer high quality natural products. As the company has grown and acquired other brands including Bio Revital AG, Oliveda has ambitions to expand into 20 new countries and was looking for a complete relaunch of the brand. Pentagram’s Justus Oehler was approached to design the logo, packaging, website and communication materials.

Oliveda’s uniqueness lies in their mission to make age-old mediterranean recipes and olive tree therapy available to everyone and protect and promote olive trees. The previous brand identity was rooted in an olive tree and had an ‘organic’ look and feel and Oehler made the decision to move Oliveda away from the natural look and closer to the look of premium cosmetics.

The logotype is set in Bodoni condensed; the A is a converted V. Packaging designs were changed from predominantly green colour tones to a clean black and white design with a few colour accents on only a few of the 50 or so products. The central element on each label is a round black (or other colors) area on white which contains the product name and description. When used in repetition, the large round dot on the packaging makes the Oliveda products stand out against competitors, when placed on a store shelf.

Oehler says, “In a very short amount of time we managed to redesign the entire brand identity, repositioning Oliveda firmly as one of the noteworthy brands in the market segment of natural cosmetics by making it more visible, memorable and confidently elegant”.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery