Agency: bluemarlin
Client: Weight Watchers
Country: United Kingdom

Building on the “See the Light” positioning created for the redesign of Weight Watcher’s UK Foods portfolio in 2012, bluemarlin’s team in London developed the big idea, “Deliciously Healthy – the best start to my day!”

This is reflected in the way the design brings to life the breakfast occasion in an uplifting and pleasurable expression. Morning light shines from Weight Watcher’s logo onto a table, where a generous portion of cereal sits in a white bowl. Appetising photography of natural ingredients alongside the product adds taste appeal whilst conveying reassurance and the feeling of abundance.

Vibrant coloured tablecloths serve to differentiate between the variants, while Weight Watcher’s signature blue reinforces the brand’s equity in weight management. The Love Fibre word mark makes a strong impact at the centre of the pack and features a love heart, subtly echoing the sentiments inherent in the name.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery