Designers: Silvia Albertí, Laia Fusté & Miriam Vilaplana
Tutored by: Emili Padrós & Jon Eola
Project Type: Student Project
School: Elisava
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Material: Carton

The aim of this project was to develop the packaging as well as naming and branding for food take away. We focus a product with certificate of origin about our area which is The Bread with Tomato typically from Catalonia.

We improved the existing packs and also trying to reach a greater number of consumers, local consumers and tourists. The last ones usually wants to learn about our culture and there is no better way to learn it through the food. For this purpose we created two packs with the same rectangular base but with different height to keep the bread with tomato and also some sides to mix with, like cheese or cold meat with C.O.

To separate the food in different apartments we created a pre-threaded form easy to cut and easy to store.

The name is inspired in the idea of the main element, the bread. The design transmit the honest and friendly way of the brand, playing with lines and diagonals evoking the movement as we are talking about food to take away.

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