Designer: Kazuha Otake
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt Institute
Course: MS Package Design
Tutor: Professor Alisa Zamir
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Packaging Contents: Makeup products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, acrylic, paper, cotton
Printing Process: Digital printing, Laser cutting

Effy is a natural make up brand that uses only ingredients from a natural environment. I have a new system to allow an infinite combination of products. The goal is to provide safe cosmetics into the hands of everyone and encourage a new way of use, store, display, and apply cosmetics.

I came up with the problem that wasting the containers of makeups, and create a new system of makeup products that allows not to have containers for each product. Sustainability is very common words in cosmetic industries and most of all brands using biomaterials. However, I believe this is not leading people to rethink the environment. I wanted to make something that can aware people to cherish things, not only relying upon the new biotechnologies.

This brand has three different sizes of pallets and twenty-four kinds of products including powder, blush, contour, eyebrow powder, and eyeshadow. Each product filled in a recycled wooden chip and consumers pick products that they need and put into the palette which they also picked from the collection.

I also found a common problem that people can't finish their makeups by the expire date. So I made them into smaller sizes which also can help aware people to understand the right way to use makeups.

The brand name 'Effy' comes from 'Earth for you' which can feel that this makeup brand is all naturally made. And the shape of the products inspired by water drops which shows the image of mineral. Instead of using paper bags, I have recycled cotton bag that consumers also can use it after the purchase.

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