Agency: Process Agency
Client: Carbon Audio
Country: United States

Carbon Audio needed packaging for their Pocket Speaker to highlight their product amongst competitor speakers while also showcasing its small, portable size. Requirements included packaging that was not only unique and beautiful but also equally effective at protecting the product inside.

Initially, Process worked on package conception and strategy to create a custom-molded acrylic case that allowed the product to be viewed in its entirety while also exemplifying its small size. Because of all the different colors the speaker comes in, a minimally designed, clear package was needed. Ridges and notches on the top and bottom of the packaging adds a subtle but highly effective feature. It allows multiple packages to be stacked on top of each other and transported without any damages to the packaging or products. This design process included guiding the CAD development to ensure its executability.

Then we went through a factory review and debrief to find a factory that was the right fit for the client, including cost and timeline understanding and setting up the deliverables. Our manufacturing oversight included managing high quality standards and production consistency through local quality control teams and detailed reporting throughout production. Finally, we worked with the client and retailers to meet rigid shipping standards and carry out a comprehensive analysis of the production to allow us to continually improve efficiency and reliability for future orders.

The Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker stands out on retail shelves with its fundamentally effective and remarkable packaging design.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery