Agency: jkr
Client: Space.NK
Country: United Kingdom

jkr delivers perfect radiance for EVE LOM

After two years in the making, we are delighted to announce the launch of EVE LOM’s new complexion range. With graphics and structural design by jkr, the new collection aims to enhance EVE LOM’s reputation for creating super-clear, radiant skin.

‘From a design perspective, the ambition was to build on the foundations of the brand’s existing proposition. Bespoke structures, simple elegance and fine detailing allowed us to develop something which would live in harmony with the existing EVE LOM aesthetic.’ Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, Creative Director, jkr.

Elevating the idea of purity through the design, the resulting look and feel of the products reflect the inner glow and radiance associated with the new range. By combining different finishes such as satin and glass alongside the engraving details, the new packaging was able to deliver sensorial appeal which could feel unique and unexpected in the hand.

‘What sets EVE LOM complexion apart is the high level of skincare actives present in each formula… EVE LOM is not about colour make-up, it’s about healthy, radiant skin.’ Amandine Isnard, Head of Product Development, EVE LOM.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery