Agency: Cowan
Country: Australia

Ritz gets a fresh new look by Cowan

Cowan has created a fresh new look for one of Australia’s favourite and most iconic brands – Ritz.

Building on a new global identity, Cowan has brought to life Ritz’s lighthearted character and entertainment qualities to position the brand as the cracker for every occasion.

“Almost everyone we spoke to talked about the versatility of the brand and the ‘buttery, melt in your mouth flavour’ said Cowan Creative Director, Glenn Kiernan.

“We wanted to bring these unique characteristics to life in a relevant and engaging way, so we made the biscuits the hero and showed them dancing around the pack”.

This marks an exciting period for the brand with NPD Ritz Snackz – a delicious on-the-go snack which is perfect for the car, home or office – being launched as part of the refresh and a revamped In-A-Biskit also coming in under the Ritz brand.

Keep an eye out for the fresh new Ritz packaging hitting shelves soon.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery