Agency: Brandlore
Designer: Pradnya Phadke
Client: Oorvi
Country: India

An institute dedicated to promote Bio Farming and to help the agriculturists connected to this cause. People at Oorvi support farmers, especially from the region of Ratnagiri, to get their produce to the consumer without a middle-man or distributor. This helps the farmers to get higher profits to invest in further bio harvest.

A branding and communication that reaches out to the niche target audience. In the metropolis of Maharashtra, very few people are aware and concerned with bio products. Mainly because in the industry driven by low prices, fresh bio produce is a premium item.

We narrowed down on the target audience as upper middle class young couples. Living in metros, well travelled and connected to friends and family across the globe. They are the ones Oorvi needed to attract. Hence the tone of the entire identity is minimalistic matching with the trend of the time. The design is without any frills, focused. The word Oorvi mean Earth is Sanskit and Marathi (regional language of Maharashtra). Inspired by earth; simple, round, green icons represent every category of the products. These then are used as buttons on the site and pattern on the packaging, which is aimed to cause minimum waste. Just simple stickers in different sizes that can be applied directly on big fruits, newspaper bags or glass jars. After all, bio farming is also about causing minimum harm to the mother nature!

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery