Design: Carlos Real
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: EASD Valencia
Tutor: Miguel López
Packaging Contents: Shampoo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle

"Polp" is a shampoo bottle designed for kids, which tries to be friendly and fun when they are taking a shower. This product that was designed to be touched and used by kids safely, it has very round and organic shapes, with a soft and rubbery touch. It also does not contain small parts, making it impossible for them to swallow them. Its suction cups make it a different and eye-catching product, and it communicates directly with the kids and allows them to stick the container anywhere in the shower, avoiding the kid having to leave their body care products on the floor, on the wall or in a shelf where it doesn't go.

The brand design concept arises from the concept of octopus suction cups, which allow the animal to hold different places or things, therefore, in a bionic exercise, we considered it appropriate to use this "technology" to solve a recurring problem in many homes and that could be solved thanks to a new packaging design, using these suction cups to hold the product on any surface of the bathroom and make bath time much more fun for the little ones. These suction cups also allow the child to always reach the shampoo, since it can be left at their height.

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