Designer: Jordana Mirski Fridman
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar college of engineering and design
Course: Packaging design
Tutor: Alon kanchuk
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Packaging Materials: Paper, Aluminium

A packaging project for cocoa products inspired by the Aztec culture.

Jordana Mirski Fridman created a family of packaging system – something we can all relate to and distinguish each product by it's character and name.

Jordana wanted the package itself to be simple so the characters can get the audience attention and also some fun! Each character has his own say, a thought about the product

What's Unique?
Jordana chose to use collage technique to create characters that will distinguish each product. This technique very appropriate for the concept of a family, an heritage, bringing something old into life, into a new generation.

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