Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Bread

Limak company is one of the leaders in the food industry in Russia. The products are manufactured in modern bakery plants, combining the latest technology with long-term traditions (since 1934). Bread production goes through a full cycle, traditional baking technologies are used: thick dough, natural sourdoughs and brews.

A task
In 2020, in accordance with market demands, it was decided to diversify the assortment into new product lines:

  • "Traditions and Quality" – traditional mass breads and loaves without added value, both shaped and hearth.
  • "Live healthy!" – products associated in the minds of consumers with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
  • "Magic of Taste" – breads and loaves with added value, as well as national and custard breads.

Our first task was to develop packaging design for the Tradition and Quality line, which:

  1. will distinguish the brand's products on the shelf from competitors;
  2. will effectively communicate the positioning and benefits of the product to the consumer;
  3. will retain its association with the Limak brand, but will separate the products into a separate line with a convenient and visual SKU differentiation system within the line.

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