Design: 3UP Marketing
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Duo Center
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer, IPA Beer, PALE ALE Beer, PILSEN Beer, WEISS Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, MDF Packaging
Printing Process: Digital Printing

With the idea in mind to bring 100% of the DNA Duo Center, we arrived at the idea of ​​using the facade design, the writing DUO BEER consists of straight and unique fonts just like the car brands use.

RED DUO – IPA: From the DUO BEER line, IPA is the strongest, bitter and highest alcohol content, we designed this category for true beer lovers, we are concerned with putting this line, a brand that has a similar identity, , So it carries the Duo Center colors.

VERDE LAND ROUVER – PALE ALE: Ideal for car and beer lovers, for those who like bitterness but who have light and familiar traits of the most common beers. We think of LAND ROUVER – PALE ALE the ideal definition for those, family members, who love cars and also beer, added to a family program. The color green was carefully chosen because it represents security, emotional and financial.

BLUE BMW – PILSEN: Designed for partygoers and adventurers, DUO BEER PILSEN, talks perfectly with the younger audience, who likes to get together with friends more often. To please the palate of this customer, we chose the pilsen category, in addition to talking perfectly with the BMW brand.

DOURADO PORSCHE – WEISS: Designed for average people who like the routine, but also venture to try a beer different from the ordinary, we think of DUO BEER PORSCHE as the possibility of those who do not want pre-defined labels, as well as the freedom already known for automaker, which has the sunroof as a registered trademark. The yellow color, which sends energy and joy, makes a perfect parallel to the chosen model.

What's Unique?
Just like the design of each luxury and special car, the duo beer label could not be left behind, the association of beer with the car comes in a subtle and special way. Bringing the brands their colors and flavors.

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