Designer: Edvardas Kavarskas
Client: Biržų duona
Visualizations: Creative agency IDEA (IDEA GROUP)
Country: Lithuania

Biržų duona is one of the oldest and biggest bread bakeries in Lithuania, founded in 1953. While cherishing old bread baking traditions, the company never forgets to search for innovations and take the consumer wishes into consideration. This time the bakery presents the latest result of the masters’ passion for their work and creativity – modern bread and confectionery product line Miltė (Miss Flour).

The slogan of Miltė products is “From the very first grain”. It perfectly defines both the entire production process and the company’s point of view – regard to their work, experience, and creativity. The ones, who appreciate lightness and sponginess, should like white bread containing no yeast or the first in Lithuania unsweetened white bread. By the way, it has the keyhole label, which is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, that identifies healthier food products within a product group. The ones, who like the taste to be richer, will appreciate brown bread with cranberries. Soft and fragrant sandwich bread with pumpkin seeds, which is perfect for making toasts, will be loved at each breakfast table.

Biržų duona also presents a modern and crispy snack – dried bread slices with sunflower seeds. These slices are perfect with various spreads, salads, or soups. The confectionary fans can enjoy a huge cereal cookie with sugarcane syrup, seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. And this is only the beginning!

An especially brave step was taken in designing the packages for Miltė products – most of the packages were painted in bright colors and bread can be seen through small funny windows of various shapes. This has significantly enhanced on-shelf visibility of the products. Bright background colors are supplemented by pastel illustrations of ingredients and icons, highlighting the advantages of each product. A big logo of Miltė also catches the eye – it was designed using a handwritten font of distinctive shapes. Nature has not been left aside either – the bags are made from the environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable film.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery