Art direction, design: Edvardas Kavarskas
Product development department manager: Jūratė Paulauskienė
Product development manager: Artūras Kazlauskas
Copywriter: Daiva Grikinienė
Photographer: Edgaras Marozas
Aquarelle author: Gintarė Lučiūnaitė
Client: Stumbras
Country: Lithuania

When it comes to organic products, the usual images immediately come to mind, with green as the dominant colour on textured paper, natural, realistic pictures of the nature, and so on. UStumbrasU decided to present its new product – organic vodka – to its customers in a slightly different manner. First and foremost, with an intriguing design – something innovative and unique to the market. Subtle, yet rich.

Stumbras Vodka Premium Organic is produced from wheat grown on an organic farm and deep subsurface water. Its production also includes filtration through a unique linen filter – the very unique filter in the world. Though no longer grown in Lithuania, flax is still a distinctly Lithuanian plant and thus acted as the leading design inspiration. The natural, blue colour of the flax blossom, the pattern on the bottle neck reminiscent of mature flax, and the linen filter symbol are the main eye-catching design elements, while the paper used for the label, the subtle foil decor and the embossed details evoke sensations of touch.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery