Agency: Smith Design
Designers: Angel Souto & Glenn Hagen
Client: Unilever HPC
Country: United States


Smith Design has redesigned the Suave Kids label of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays, using a revolutionary look that contemporizes the brand, connects with a broader age range of kids, and truly expresses the core of Suave Kids – that of unabashed fun.

“Developing memorable characters in conjunction with elevating the brand identity to a fresher, more modern place allows the Suave Kids packaging to truly break through the category clutter in a unique and ultimately fun way,” said Jenna Smith, the partner at Smith Design who led the project. “We were delighted to provide Suave Kids with a strategically smart solution for their line of products that not only aligns the portfolio of products successfully, but emotionally connects with kids and moms alike.”

According to Smith, a refreshed brand identity and package design approach in conjunction with the development of 11 unique and ownable “Fruit Mashup” character illustrations, as well as a clear vision for segmenting sub-lines, add clarity and cohesion to a somewhat fragmented line. “The redesign breaths new life into the brand and successfully leads, not follows category players,” she added.

Smith Design, a package design based in Glen Ridge, NJ and Carmel, CA, has three decades of expertise crafting solutions that result in significant gains for leading brands and companies. 

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