Designer: Diego Ballester
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Argentina

Very nice project of 2 friends, a couple of cute crazy people, Agostina Astegiano and Fabricio Hernández, with whom we work in the change of institutional image and products for what we are inspired by their philosophy of life and their deep passion to do and feel the wine. Health!

We created 2 new wine lines, an "Gula" entry label and an "Ira" varietal line, and redefined the image and concept of the "Reserva" line, which we now call Sibarita, Opulento and Legendario.

Wines of Sins, or in Spanish Wines of Sin, is for us the line between good and evil, the creative and the prosaic, the innovative and the traditional. Always playing the edge … to the limit. We always face life as an adventure and we wanted to manifest that in this dream.

Making wine always requires facing an unexpected challenge. This awakens a desire for constant improvement, of expectations, of desire to innovate and to try different theories.

This is our dream come true, a story of dedication, love and madness to create, innovate, have fun and, of course, share it, enjoy it and give it the place it deserves: the beginning of all sins!

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