Designer: Brennan Gleason
Country: Canada

This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with the goal in mind of creating a unique, eye catching identity and packaging design for a craft brewery.

High Seas Brewing Co. is a home brewed brand myself and my roommate created to give our small batch beer an identity all its own. With his love of the high seas and my love for crafty, simple, eye catching design I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create something great.

The design concept behind these bottles lied in simplicity, combined with bright untraditional colours, with just a hint of the scripted design you find in so many craft beer bottles on today’s liquor store shelves. By using nautical based puns combined with the beer types, I was able to create a set of memorable cohesive bottles, and a unique identity for a home brewers dream.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery