Project Title Prior Tongerlo: Ultimate Taste Box

Designer: Yves Willems
Country: Belgium

An authentic abbey ale
The Norbertine Canons were followers of Saint Norbert and founded their monastic community in Tongerlo in 1130.

Over the centuries, their abbey grew into a powerful religious and cultural centre.

For centuries the Norbertine Canons of Tongerlo have dedicated themselves to brewing beer.

The age-old tradition of the White Canons of Tongerlo lives on in this officially recognised Belgian abbey ale.

A full-bodied beer with fruity notes that develop into a spicy and slightly flowery bitterness of hops.

Re-fermentation in the bottle
Re-fermentation in the bottle gives the beer a more intense taste and aroma as well as a longer shelf life.

· World Beer Award – Europe’s best Abbey/Trappist/Pale Ale – 2011
· Crystal Taste Award – Superior Taste Awards – 2012
· Gold Medal – Brussels Beer Challenge – 2013

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