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Creative Agency: Hearted Design & Strategy
Illustrator: Vitor Thadeu
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: All Crim
Location: Cascavel, Brasil
Packaging Contents: Fertilizers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital pinting

In order to produce a sustainable future, the All Crim brand of fertilizers should transmit this concept both in its logo and in its packaging.

The All Crim fertilizers are made with a exclusive formula with rosemary, which induces the resistance of the plants and helps in their fertilization without harming the environment, having two versions: organic and conventional. The All Crim logo was built with a custom lettering in conjunction with a leaf, reinforcing its sustainable approach. An illustration was used for the packages, exploring in a ludic way the application of the product, both in large and small cultures, in harmony with nature.

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