Designer: Marcelo Shalders
Project Type: Student Project
School: Miami Ad School
Course: Art Direction
Location: Miami, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, cardboard

Everybody's heard of the trick to put salt with ice in the cooler, or the napkin in the freezer. lets up this game, shall we? Effin warm beer. skol believes the only way to drink beer is the best way: cold AF. so we decided to tackle this problem with high-tech. adapting the technology from instant ice packs, skol's chillin' pack will activate the sweet sweet cold as soon as you leave the market. The chemicals are released in the pack, reaching 24°F and lasting 40 minutes, the perfect temperature and time for you to get shit-faced, I mean, enjoy responsibly a couple of beers.

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