Design: Room.11 agency
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Forest Goods
Product Launch Location: Armenia
Packaging Contents: Peanut butter, Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar
Printing Process: Digital printing

In 2019 we were approached by Forest company with the request to create the visual identity and packaging for their production line. The company makes healthy and organic canned food from only natural ingredients bringing to the market a wide variety of fresh, tasty and quality products.

While designing, our main goal was to reflect the values and the purity of the brand. We challenged ourselves to illustrate the rich diversity of the production meanwhile keeping it simple yet catchy. The name “Forest” inspired us to create the clear and authentic logotype with smooth typography and a hidden symbol in it. Here the letter O replicated the image of a tree.

When it came to the design of the packaging we started exploring the visual codes and peculiarities of the forest and its dwellers. We were aiming to find the core for our concept which would reflect the variety of the production the brand offers.

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