Agency: Amoth Studio
Art director: Sasha Sharavarau
Designer: Sasha Sharavarau
Illustrator: Tania Sharavarava
Art worker: Robert Špecián
Photography: Jose Sabino
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: St.Nicolaus Trade
Product Launch Location: Slovakia
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, cardboard box
Printing Process: Offset printing

To develop the label design for a line of medium-segment fruit distillates from a Slovak producer, ST. NICOLAUS.

Design tasks:

  • To create a unique and pronounced character and mood for the brand.
  • To make the product distinguishable from its competitors.
  • To attract attention to the product and facilitate a dialogue between the brand and the consumers.
  • To preserve and convey Slovak culture and traditions.

Having analyzed the competing products in the segment, we discovered that most of the producers prefer visual solutions that have become classical for this type of product: a combination of typography and an illustration portraying the main ingredient of the distillate.

To distinguish the new product from its competitors and ignite the interest of the consumers, we decided to take a different approach and created a story around the name of the brand – “Zbojnícka”, which means “belonging to a Zbojník”.

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